Our Wine List

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White Wines

2015 Sauvignon Blanc "Sundance"
Grapefruit and lemongrass, refreshing and crisp.   $18.00

2016 Chardonnay "Radiance"
Luscious tropical flavors overwhelm your senses.   $18.00

2015 Chardonnay "James Gang Reserve"
Rich & creamy with subtle citrus flavors, the perfect chardonnay.   $28.00

2018 Tempranillo Rosé "Paradise"
Bright strawberry aromas blend with refreshing peach & berry flavors.   $22.00

2017 Riesling "James Gang Reserve"
Crisp yet rich with just a hint of sweetness.   $12.00

2017 Moscato "Dream Catcher"
Hints of honeysuckle and juicy pear.   $12.00

Sparkling "Dream Weaver"
A refreshing bubbly, not too sweet, not too dry.   $12.00

Red Wines

2016 Chateau Le Cacheflo "Mediterranean Blend"
Our "cash flow" is a red blend with a Mediterranean flair.   $12.00

2016 Sangiovese "Primo"
A blast of black cherry followed by a soft velvety finish.   $18.00

2013 Merlot "Made in the Shade" - LIBRARY RELEASE!
Black currant fruit with cocoa and coffee notes.   $20.00

2014 Zinfandel "Ballistic"
Layers "n" layers of juicy Zin flavors.   $18.00

2016 Cabernet Sauvignon "Notorious"
Juicy dark fruits consume your palate.   $18.00

2015 Syrah "Rock-N-Roll"
Berries & Smoke with a wild spicy finish.   $18.00

2016 Petite Sirah "Midnight Magic"
A dark, inky fruit bomb with great structure.   $25.00

Also available now in very limited quantities 

2015 Pinot "Envy"   $42.00

2016 Malbec "James Gang Reserve"   $38.00

2015 Schist "Blend"   $42.00

2015 Tannat "Palindrone"   $48.00

2015 Zinfandel "French Camp Vineyard"   $38.00

2015 Zinfandel "James Gang Reserve"   $28.00

2015 Zinfandel "Silver Reserve"   $48.00

2015 Petite Sirah "Silver Reserve"   $48.00

2015 Syrah "James Gang Reserve"   $55.00

2015 5 "Bordeaux Blend"   $55.00

2015 Zinfandel "Blue Moon Reserve"   $150.00/$55 W.C.

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon "Blue Moon Reserve"   $150.00/$75 W.C.

2014 Syrah "Blue Moon Reserve"   $150.00/$65 W.C.

Dessert Wines

2014 Late Harvest Zinfandel "Liquid Love"   $18.00

2014 Charisma "Dessert Blend"   $20.00

2012 Port "James Gang Reserve"   $25.00